Join Allen Watts, Will Yam and other artists, yogis, writers and teachers of varying traditions and mediums to a residency on a remote property upstate. Together we will spend four days sharing with and learning from one another: there will be time and space to work on projects or find inspiration for new ones.




This residency will be an experiment in intention, providing space for us all to grow together. Participants will have an opportunity to exhibit their work, host workshops, cook delicious food for each other or contribute time and energy in some other meaningful way.

There will be 2 daily yoga classes, workshops, dance parties,bonfires, glamping, space for solitude or to gather in groups, and plenty of time to do all the nothing you want.

Cost per person for food, lodging and round trip transportation from NYC:


If you're interested, copy/paste the application into an email and shoot it to

Application can be found here: